We are BOLD



WEARE an experienced, passionate and creative

concept, filming and distribution agency.

We create branded content in a story-telling format that appeals to the brand's audience. We integrate brands into our in-house produced formats: The Automotive Lifestyle show "On The Go!" and the tech-driven "TechBeat". 



Creative Is Cool

You're in safe hands.

Our story-telling videos will bring your concepts to life.

Less is More

Let us tell your story in a few minutes. Elevator pitch video at its best.

Big Is Awesome

90 Million viewers and counting!

On TV, Online, Mobile & VOD Platforms


Farid Antone

The negotiator. Solution oriented to the core. Constantly breaking down barriers has become a hobby. He is responsible for creating the business model WEDO MEDIA operate under. So if anything goes helter-skelter, blame him. However, I’m sure he would have come up with an insane solution by then.  

Roland Daou

The Artist. Creative to the core. Constantly filming up and down the region. He could be in Morocco or Egypt by the time your reading this. Producing has become a hobby. He is responsible for half of the amazing things filmed in the UAE. Relentless and always smiling, he’ll film in space strapped to a parachute if he has to.   


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